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Counsellors in Jindalee and Noosa Heads

Our counsellors offer a vast range of experience in helping those who may be experiencing a level of stress that can ultimately impact on one’s physical or mental wellbeing. We understand that a wide range of factors may cause this stress, including relationship problems, grief and change.

One in five Australian suffers from mental health issues

Research conducted in 2007 suggests that one in five of us living in Australia lives with psychological or behavioural issues. This figure includes those who have self-reported and have not been formally diagnosed by someone within the medical professional, but who feel less than their usual selves. With around 20% of adults affected by some sort of mental disorder every year, we at Jindalee Counselling Practice aim to provide services that rid the body of stress; a primary course to overall wellness.

Share the burden

Entering into a trusting relationship with a counsellor and sharing concerns may help one overcome a current difficulty being experienced. This in turn may recreate the equilibrium once enjoyed. Energy can be restored and thought processes become clearer, thus enabling the management of family and/or work life to be more effective.


Counselling services

Our services involve discussing your personal issues with a formally trained therapist in a confidential environment where you will not be judged. You will be supported to achieve your desired goal by a skill-set utilised by the trained counsellor. The key to a successful outcome is being a willing participant in the process to help you achieve your objective and that’s why we work hard to provide a warm and friendly service throughout our practice.

Qualified counsellors

We believe that every counsellor should be qualified and registered with a relevant organisation. This ensures accountability and on-going professional development, making sure that we continue to maintain best practice throughout all we do. All of the counsellors at Jindalee Counselling Practice are fully registered and have obtained a Bachelors Degree in Counselling.

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